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Mount Gould Local Care Centre Unveils New Community Garden

We're thrilled to announce the completion of a brand new community garden in the courtyard area at Mount Gould Local Care Centre. The project has been made possible with funding from ReSound Health, which allowed for the purchase of picnic tables with parasols along with other essential gardening supplies.

The project, spearheaded by Community Health Partnerships ORM Sharon Wren, has transformed the space into a welcoming oasis for staff and patients to enjoy the outdoors.

Sharon's dedication was instrumental in bringing this project to life.

During the clear-out phase, Sharon ensured unwanted items were given a new lease of life. Some were donated to a local charity, while the old table tennis table found a happy new home elsewhere.

The project wouldn't have been complete without the incredible support of the Saltram Rotary Club. They generously donated a variety of plants, and their volunteers even helped with planting them in the newly installed containers.

The new community garden offers more than just a beautiful space. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can significantly improve mental and physical well-being. Access to fresh air and a place to relax during the workday can help reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance overall health. The addition of comfortable seating with shade umbrellas creates a relaxing environment for everyone to unwind and socialise.

We are incredibly grateful to Sharon Wren and Saltram Rotary Club for their contributions in making this project a reality.

The Mount Gould Local Care Centre community garden is a fantastic addition to this facility, and we look forward to seeing it enjoyed by staff and patients alike.

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